Differences in tech-startup-friendliness between Paris and the SF Bay Area: a collaborative effort

Ever since I moved from Paris to the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve gotten many questions about the differences between the two startup scenes, even more so since the Parisian one has been changing at a noticeably fast pace. Those interrogations were coming from both people in the Bay Area, and people in France, probably simply interested in understanding where they stand, themselves.

Even though two startup ecosystems ultimately have obvious pros and cons when compared to each other, one caveat to providing answers to such questions is that they have to be heavily influenced by one’s own experiences. The best way to make this kind of study as objective and realistic as possible despite everyone’s own limited scope, is to make it be a mix of many people’s points of view.

So, I took some time to lay down my own observations made over the past few years as a starting point, and I’m inviting whoever has sufficient experience in both ecosystems too to request edit rights on it and change it as they wish, so that we can get to a point where the observations are not limited to my own subjectivity. And in a matter of transparency/democratic process, anyone, even without experience within both ecosystems, is free to comment anything they want.

Come over, and let’s make it the best comparative study out there!

> https://docs.google.com/document/d/19MjFQ5ou7ygL11OY-a-lbLym3xy8IfOv52Y5GRGCqEE/edit?usp=sharing <