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Why blogging?

Oh, i know what you’re thinking, and i’ve been thinking about it, probably more than i should say. The internet abounds of communication media, from Twitter to Facebook, from e-mails to IMs. No one can get close to evaluate the amount of social networks nowadays, when social networks are supposed to be only interesting if scarce, in order to allow each one of them to have enough users to make the interaction worth it. The web, “information freeways” (as they said when i was younger), has become a jolly traffic jam!

Then, who the heck am i to dare adding to this constant buzzing around with yet another blog?!

Social networks can become as many headachesFrom a photograph published under the CC-BY-NC license by magandafille

Plus, blogs are like infinite years old now. Prehistory of the web, like, 15 years ago. When you look at it, it was more or less born at the same time as Justin Bieber. But eh, not a lot of things on the web can brag about being 15 years old and still be hip (except for e-mail, and adult websites, that is).

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