Oh, i know what you’re thinking, and i’ve been thinking about it, probably more than i should say. The internet abounds of communication media, from Twitter to Facebook, from e-mails to IMs. No one can get close to evaluate the amount of social networks nowadays, when social networks are supposed to be only interesting if scarce, in order to allow each one of them to have enough users to make the interaction worth it. The web, “information freeways” (as they said when i was younger), has become a jolly traffic jam!

Then, who the heck am i to dare adding to this constant buzzing around with yet another blog?!

Social networks can become as many headaches

From a photograph published under the CC-BY-NC license by magandafille

Plus, blogs are like infinite years old now. Prehistory of the web, like, 15 years ago. When you look at it, it was more or less born at the same time as Justin Bieber. But eh, not a lot of things on the web can brag about being 15 years old and still be hip (except for e-mail, and adult websites, that is).

Then, why, why, why blogging, finally?!

First you need a crave for expression. I came to the idea after a few times stumbling upon a strong feeling to broadcast some random idea i was having; but not being able in 140 characters, and not wanting to give it to Mark Zuckerberg and his 600 million friends. Ideas about web technologies (since that’s what i do), but also about politics, or music, or cultures, or the guy in front of me in the metro. Don’t find yourself expecting what you’ll expect to find in a blog! (wow headache!)

I guess the whole “expressing yourself” thing comes from the kind of adulthood state where you start valuing some of your opinions enough to want to spread them around and keep them in a chest. And, hell do i hate the word “adulthood”. So i opened a blog, as a teenager would. 😉

Why blogging in Engl… Fre… wait, what language will you be blogging in, by the way?

A frog can also speak some English

From Keith Kissel, CC-BY

Les deux, mon général !

There is something to it: being French, and working in France, i’ve learnt by now that i have a lot to share and discuss with the grand community of French web builders, with which i am in more intimate terms than any other web community.

However, i like to think that one of the upsides of communicating ideas online, rather than in a local newspaper (or by e-mail) (or by smoke signals) lies in how the web is such a collaborative object by essence. The relevancy of a content regarding the fact that it’s online is directly proportional to its accessibility towards potential users.

Long story short, there will be some content addressed to my fellow coworkers, and some content addressed to the web. Some contents might see the light of both languages, if i’m in a good day.

Why blogging when you’re not technically all set?

… uh… … touché! 😉
True, this design is as colorful as a New Year’s Eve at the South Pole…
And true, my “about” pages are sad, sad, oh so deeply sad…

By the way, do you remember when you first opened your very first account on a social network? It must have felt like discovering a new world; but not necessarily in a good way.
I created my Facebook account in 2006, and it felt like i was a drunk baby learning how to walk. There were walls, and pictures, and pokes, and not much else (not even the news feed yet). And i had heard it was called the “book of face” (or something like it). So i did what i thought was supposed to be done: i uploaded two full albums of pictures of myself.
Seriously, i wasn’t being narcissistic at all, i honestly thought that that thing was meant to be for everyone to post their own face. It didn’t occur to me at all that the purpose was for other people to post your face. So i posted mine. Twenty-four times.
To date, my two oldest albums on Facebook remain two ridiculous collections of myself doing ridiculous things.

From Don O’Brien, CC-BY

I see it as being similar to when people first had to use a telephone. I guess they must have had a hard time figuring out how to use the technology, and what they’ll do with it. Since i’m the curious kind, i probably would have found a list of other people having telephones themselves, and i would have called them up randomly, just to see if that thing works. Later on, it would have occured to me that it can be rude to disturb people at 2am, and i would have stopped.

Well, i consider this cocktail of myself + a blog just like a “walking on Mars” thing as well. I have no idea where i’m going with this, and i will definitely break some eggs, at least at first, and maybe hopefully for the whole time.

But i’ll tell ya, if i’m supposed to break some eggs for the fun of it, then i might as well do it in a 2.0 kind of way!