At Sud Web 2011I make a serious hobby of discovering and talking with startups and tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, about tech, management, innovation, … and this blog is where I talk about my observations and thoughts.

I’ve had a history of working both for very complex¬†clients in environments that have countless layers, as well as in agile and fast-paced environments where action is what matters most (and also some stuff in between). In both kinds of environments, I’ve worked as a tech guy, and also as a manager and team leader.

I’ve also done tons of other web-related stuff: feature design, a bit of infrastructure and hosting, later moved into project/product management and sales, and later, webmarketing strategy for big clients, with SEO and e-reputation, eventually online brand protection, and a gig as a developer evangelist. Let’s say I’ve explored a lot on deep levels, and the web and I globally understand each other pretty well!

On the tech side, I love to discover new stuff, so I play around a lot;¬†I’m definitely more of a generalist than a specialist. But I do always find my find way home to good ol’ Ruby on Rails, and other stuff I like, like Angular.JS, or the node.js + MongoDB combo.

I also work as a software engineer, but I make sure never to talk here about stuff that I learn at work. The main topic here is my love story with the Bay Area tech culture.